10 Top tips for plastic free parenting once baby arrives:

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10 Top tips for plastic free parenting once baby arrives:

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  1. Use washable wipes instead of disposable baby wipes. This will reduce waste and avoid toxins on baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is very sensitive and can easily get nappy rash caused by perfumes and chemicals in baby wipes. Another note on so called compostable baby wipes is that unfortunately, they are only compostable if you have a compost bin! Little Lamb Nappies do super soft washable bamboo wipes.
  2. Use cloth nappies instead of disposable nappies for the same reasons, to avoid plastic waste, chemicals and protect baby’s skin. If possible, try and look for ones made from natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo or wool as microfibre nappies can also irritate little ones that have particularly sensitive skin or are prone to eczema. The Nappy Lady has a fabulous range and lots of information on their website.
  3. Use nappy cream that comes in a glass jar or metal tube rather than a plastic one. If you’re struggling to find one in a jar, Greenpeople do a fantastic nappy cream their ”mum and baby rescue balm” was the only cream that ever worked on my little ones bottom. They will soon be changing to cream tubs, made from sugar cane rather than plastic too!
  4. With regards to nursery furniture try and buy wooden rather than plastic. You can even get lovely baby bouncers and baby gyms made from wood. If possible, try and avoid wood that has been varnished too, to avoid toxic fumes for baby. We do little wooden baby toys and big wooden toddler toys which are all made from natural wood and look just beautiful here at OnePureFox . Choosing wood will ensure that they last, and generations to come will be able to use this wooden furniture too.
  5. Think less is more and question whether you need all these baby essentials, for example a baby bath. Could you wash baby in the sink or a washing up bowl that you already have? My little one loved it! And with baby number two, we just bathed her in the big tub with her sister. Win, win.
  6. Have a gift list to avoid being swamped by a mountain of plastic toys and baby essentials. Normal soft toys and baby comforters are made from polyester which is plastic and therefore not a good option for baby to be chewing on. Here at OnePureFox we do a lovely range of organic all-natural baby gifts such as organic play blankets, organic soft toys, organic rattles and organic baby flannels which will help save the planet and protect your little one from chemicals.
  7. Try and buy an organic baby mattress made from all-natural materials because normal mattresses are made from synthetic foam and are sprayed with toxic fire retardants. Organic mattresses comply with fire regulations naturally, as wool burns very slowly. The Little Green Sheep and Naturalmat have lots to choose from.
  8. If you’re expressing or bottle feeding, try and get some glass bottles rather than plastic as the plastic might release toxic chemicals into the milk. We have found some from Mambaby And if you’re at the weaning stage how about some bamboo, china, stainless steel or wooden plates, bowls and cutlery? Andkeep have some beautiful designs on their website.
  9. Opt for 100% organic baby clothing made from organic cotton, bamboo, wool or silk. Companies selling these lovely items include Kite Clothing, Cambridgebaby and Frugi. The same goes for organic cotton cot sheets and organic baby towels.
  10. Overall think less is more. Question every plastic item that you have been told you need, and if you can’t avoid it try and buy second hand. And don’t despair, it’s not about being perfect but about trying and progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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