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I’m Corinne and this is my story of why I swapped being with mums when they deliver their beautiful babies for delivering the purest organic toys for babies.

It was love for nature and people, that first started my interest in green living, but it wasn’t until I had my own children that I became interested in plastic free organic toys.

After the birth of my daughter, as for most parents, our house quickly started to fill with all sorts of cuddly toys, plastic toys and batterie operated toys!

Seeing my daughter chewing on as many toys as she could get her hands on, I started to wonder whether all those colourful plastics might contain harmful chemicals that she was ingesting. I couldn’t help but do a bit of research and found out, that unbeknown to me, conventionally produced toys often contain pesticides, heavy metals, BPA and other chemicals toxic to babies and children. During production, these leak into our water, affect workers and end up in the finished product. This really worried me!

The only way forward seemed to be to stick to natural organically produced toys that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Having run out of storage space in the house anyway, the prospect of having less toys, actually sounded quite good!

During my search to turn our toy box into a more baby and planet friendly version of itself, I found plenty of green and eco toys. However, I was very surprised to find, that organic cuddly toys where hard to come by and the few I found were made from organic cotton on the outside but filled with plastic (polyester) on the inside. Hence, I decided to open my own shop selling 100% certified organic toys.

OnePureFox was born!

So today, instead of being with mums when they give birth to their wonderful babies I deliver the purest organically certified soft toys for babies. So pure that they are fit for a newborn baby’s sensitive skin. They are made from certified organic cotton and are therefore a lot less likely to trigger allergies and eczema than normal cuddly toys.

As a carpenter’s daughter, the next step was to expand my range to also include safe natural wooden toys. OnePureFox only stock wooden toys that have not been painted as paint can contain harmful chemicals too. All our wooden toys are made from sustainably sourced European wood.

Our toys are “slow toys” they will not end up on landfill, they are made to last for generations and being made from natural materials they will happily decompose when they have reached the end of their lifespan.

We know that giving truly special gifts is very important and we promise that we will always look for the purest, most ethical, beautiful and unique organic baby gifts.

So, if you are looking for that very special baby or toddler present which will be admired for its natural beauty, exceptional quality and earthfriendlyness then why not take a peek at our collection.

Healthy baby! Healthy Planet, Happy People!

With love from me to you,


OnePureFox  X

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