The story of an Organic Teddy Bear

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You might ask yourself: “What is an Organic Teddy Bear?”

Well, we should probably begin with the question of what is a normal ‘non-organic teddy bear’.

Ordinary soft toys are made from Polyester which is plastic. This plastic is normally new plastic, made especially for this Teddy, adding to the volume of plastic that our planet is drowning in.  Plastic generally contains many chemicals which have negative effects on children and can be cancerous. Even handed down toys which are considered an eco-friendly toy option should be considered with caution as specified in this article

But going back to our Teddy, most soft toys are made in countries like China where working conditions for workers and their families are unethical. European regulations don’t apply, which means that child labour and working in dangerous environments and with toxic chemicals are the norm.

The other question is: “What happens when a child chews on a soft toy made from Polyester?” The answer: “Micro plastics are ingested”.

The presence of micro-plastics in animals and humans has received much press coverage recently, and it is unclear what the long-term health effects are.

So, what is the alternative?

Choosing wisely which toy is allowed into the house and baby’s arms. The best option is to buy an Organic Teddy Bear made in Europe from all natural and organic materials. This ensures that the workers that lovingly create the organic soft toys are treated fairly and that child labour is not allowed.

This also ensures that the Organic Teddy Bear is made from plastic free natural materials like organic cotton and wool from happy sheep.

Therefore, baby can chew on her Organic Teddy Bear’s ears as much as she likes without eating micro-plastics and chemicals. Here at OnePureFox we specialise in Organic Soft Toys that are safe and beautiful. For a natural and baby friendly nursery inspired by German design. To have a peek at our collection of organic soft toys click here

If you would like to read more about my story and why I set up our organic baby shop read more here. 

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