Why should I buy Organic Soft Toys?

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Or we could change the question to: 'Why do we only sell Organic Soft Toys?'

The answer is, because organic soft toys are plastic free.

Normal soft toys are made from 100% Polyester which is essentially plastic! Many parents now seek to live a plastic free family life or at least try to reduce the amount of plastic in the house. Lots has been written recently about the dangers of plastic to wildlife, and in particular to our oceans and its’ inhabitants. However, the subject of plastic toys has widely been ignored. Most children's bedrooms are full of plastic toys, from lego to dolls and cheap little toys such as the ones found in party bags for example.

There are many fantastic alternatives of plastic free toys now for parents wishing to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle. Wooden toys are sustainable options for Christmas presents and more. The ones we select at OnePureFox are made from sustainable sourced wood from European forests.

The organic soft toys that we sell are made from organic cotton grown responsibly and ethically. The filling is usually made from organic wool from very happy sheep living an organic lifestyle on green pastures in Germany. Organic cotton is produced without the addition of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and uses less water than conventionally produced cotton. For more information on organic cotton standards visit https://www.soilassociation.org/.

All our Efie organic soft toys are GOTS certified which means, that the organic production is done according to very strict standards, and that even the dyes used, are approved for their safety and non-toxic nature.

This makes our organic soft toys and organic children’s wash mitts the perfect new plastic free organic baby gift for any expectant parent. Shop NOW

Plastic free toys = Happy parents = Happy Planet = OnePureFox

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